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We have dedicated our careers to the protection of lives and property on a National basis over the past 28 years through industry affairs activities with the organizations outlined elsewhere on this website.

During this period our Partnership Staff members fire protection business experience encompassed the following:                                                

1. Headquarters Staff member of the two largest Fire Alarm Manufacturers in the World as a Headquarters  Business Development and/or National Account Manager responsible for Industrial, Automotive, Power Generating, and Commercial Accounts.

2. Appointment as a Local Municipal  Fire Marshal and State Fire Training Executive Secretary as well as an Executive in a Nationwide Fire Protection Engineering firm.

3. Certified Professional Engineer, PE, FPE, MS and graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute previously employed by NIST, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, along with running his own personal Fire Protection Engineering firm.

Now we would like to bring these experiences and education in the form of our new fire protection company TriMax . It is our intent to provide the Fire Protection community education and system design consultant services through TriMax.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve your needs in the Fire Alarm, Evacuation Systems, Sprinkler, and Special Hazards in the Industrial, Power Generation, and Commercial industries. In return we will provide you with excellent performance, with the highest degree of credibility and integrity.

In partnership with our customers to provide the best Life Safety solutions in the most economical fashion.

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